Basement3Productions is a design studio specializing in graphics for the music industry. Nationrizn Entertainment's lead graphic designer Sabine Heusler-Schick, has vast experience in all aspects of the field. She has worked for record labels, music groups, entertainment companies and also as a senior designer in the advertising industry.

Her approach to crafting and designing a unique image for artists, their logos, websites, marketing, advertising, CD artwork and photography is to create an exciting and unique visual representation to enhance the musical experience. Founder of Basement3 productions is producer / engineer / musician Kenny Schick. His extensive and diverse musical background, mastery of many instruments, and years of experience as a professional photographer and graphic designer, can assist any artist in achieving their ultimate vision.

Together they have not only provided Nationrizn Entertainment with all the images and graphics for this website, but also for each artist's individual profile.

To find out more about Basement3 Productions, and their recording services visit: